A Beautiful New Closet System for Your Organized Life

Is this You?

Your closet doesn’t utilize the space efficiently and you’re frustrated by the lack of storage. You’re using valuable time and energy trying to find what you’re looking for.

You’re moving to a new home and want the master closet to be something special – a space that makes you smile every time you walk into it.

Your kids’ closets don’t work for them anymore. They’ve grown (a lot) and what worked when they were small doesn’t work for them now.


Real Order is proud to be an Independent Representative of The Container Store . We are one of six Professional Organizing companies in the Atlanta metropolitan area with this distinction.

As a Contained Home Organizer, we come to your home equipped with advice, organization and innovative products from The Container Store (which we love). Our Organizers are experts at creating solutions personalized to fit your taste and lifestyle and can turn your home into a place where you can retreat, relax and recharge.

Based on your needs and budget, we create a custom design with the Container Store’s elfa or TCS Closets  system. We review all the details of the design with you to ensure it’s exactly how you imagined it. We can even shop for all your favorite baskets, bins and accessories to make your new closet not only functional, but picture perfect! As your Contained Home Organizer, we act as Project Manager to make your closet and organizing dreams a reality.

Client Success Story

Cindy had a lovely upscale home, but the basic builder grade wire shelving in the pantry was not working for their family. It looked dingy and it was hard to keep the pantry organized due to the poor design. We met with Cindy and discussed her organization goals, needs and style preferences. She really liked the clean, crisp lines of the elfa closet system with 16” deep shelves, basket shelves, and pull out drawers – so we designed a system that met her needs. Our Professional Organizer worked with her to declutter the space and then reorganized it after the installation. She was delighted with the outcome and loves her new, improved pantry!




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