Atlanta Professional Organizer How-to: Effectively Managing Online Accounts after Death

Managing online accounts after deathToday, your Atlanta Professional Organizer is covering a topic that may not be easy to discuss, but should be a top priority if you have to take over a loved one’s online accounts in the event of an emergency or death.

Check out our Atlanta Professional Organizer’s top tips on effectively managing online accounts after death:

  • First things first, make sure your loved one has a record of all their online accounts, including the log in information to access the accounts.
  • A Password Manager program such as Last Pass offers digital life management services, allowing users to securely store, retrieve and share passwords and other personal data. Consider setting up an account on Last Pass for yourself and encourage your loved ones to set up accounts of their own, which can greatly simplify the online management process after death.
  • E-mail services will provide discs of all messages in a deceased user’s accounts with the proper paperwork, such as a death certificate and power of attorney.
  • Social sharing sites such as Facebook allow the user’s family to elect how to handle the deceased’s profile – typically in a “memorial” state or taken down all together.
  • Twitter offers the option to deactivate an account, at the request of a family member, once the pertinent information is provided.
  • If photo sharing sites were utilized, the images that were open to the public will remain that way, as will the images tagged as private.
  • The Digital Beyond site maintains a list of online services to help plan for digital death, afterlife and memorialize loved ones. Services range from digital estate services, posthumous e-mail services and online memorials.

Check out this article on “7 Resources for Handling Digital Life After Death” on Mashable, for additional information on managing online accounts postmortem.

Our Atlanta Professional Organizer encourages you and your loved ones to treat online accounts as they would any other asset. After all, life is difficult enough after the death of a loved one … so why not take these tips into consideration to make things just a little bit simpler?