Atlanta Professional Organizer shares 8 items you never knew could be recycled! Now, what’s your excuse?

recycle-globeSure, everyone knows to recycle glass, paper, and plastic, but did you know you can – and should – recycle things like used batteries and old electronics? Our Atlanta Professional Organizer is here to share some surprising items you may not have known you could recycle… So, now there’s no excuse why you can’t organize that office supply closet or catch-all kitchen cabinet. Now, you know how much of that junk that’s been taking up valuable space can be recycled. Feel good about getting rid of unwanted items and know you’re doing the right thing for the environment!

Check out this list of the top 8 most surprising items you can recycle, as composed by our Atlanta Professional Organizer:

8. Electronics – Just about anything from old computers and cell phones to fax machines and televisions can be recycled! Discarded cell phones alone represent about 65,000 tons of electronic garbage each year, according to Waste Management.
7. Batteries – It is extremely important to recycle batteries because these items contain acid, which can be harmful to our environment if not disposed of properly.
6. Light Bulbs – Similarly, due to the possible containment of mercury, it’s important to recycle light bulbs (specifically, compact florescent lights -CFLs).  Home Depots, Lowes, and IKEA stores all accept old light bulbs for recycling.
5. Appliances – Donate any working appliances, but for those no longer functioning, recycle them so they may be used for their steel. If a replacement appliance is being delivered and they’re taking away the old, ensure it’s being properly recycled.
4. Ink & Toner Cartridges – Many new ink packages include an envelope specifically created to be used when disposing of the old cartridges. Some places, like your local office supply store, may even pay you or offer shopping discounts when you return empty cartridges.
3. Unused Building Supplies – Did you recently tackle a home renovation project and have some excess materials? Consider recycling them by donating them to Habitat for Humanity so others may benefit from your “extras.”
2. Eyeglasses – Old eyewear can be recycled by bringing them to your local Lion’s Club (some WalMart locations have donation bins). They re-ground to be used by people in need.
1. Cigarette Butts – Yes, even cigarette butts can be recycled! The Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company actually created a recycling brigade to help folks all over the country recycle cigarette butts so they may be manufactured into new products. And they’ve made it SO easy, click here to learn more.

Visit and to learn about some unique ways people are working together to keep as many items as possible out of landfills. And contact your local government to learn about special item collection days and locations.

If you’re ready to get on the recycling bandwagon and get organized, contact our Atlanta Professional Organizer today to learn how she can help you start on a successful path!