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"You and your crew were wonderful to work with. I know I wouldn't have been able to get Mom moved from Atlanta to Seattle in just three weeks without your help. Everything went smoothly ... and I don't think too many people get to say that about their move. Thank you so much - it was such a Godsend to find your company!" ~ Ann Catherine Miller, Seattle, WA


Is this You?

You’re the caregiver for your parent(s) who needs to move out of their home of many years. You may be concerned they’re no longer safe living in their home, or you live too far away or are busy juggling your own life to manage the many details of a move.

You need someone you can trust to manage the details of your move and act as your advocate and guide. You want to simplify your life and move, but need a helping hand to make it a reality. Perhaps you don’t have family or friends to help with a transition of this magnitude.

You need help organizing your important papers and estate documents. You don’t want to leave your family with a mess to figure out on their own in the event of your incapacitation or death.


Client Success Story

Jane initially came to us seeking help with organizing her paperwork and ensuring her bills were paid on time. Her husband of 50+ years had always handled this for the family but had Alzheimer’s now. Jane was very anxious about her abilities to assume these new responsibilities, now that she was in her 80’s. She had no idea how much money they had, which only added to her anxiety.

Together, we made sense out of the many files Jane’s husband had accumulated through the years. Her fears were alleviated as we organized her files, got rid of unnecessary papers, and talked about the things that concerned her. We continued to meet every few weeks to ensure the organization was maintained and kept up-to-date.

Eventually Jane decided to move from her four-bedroom house into an apartment in a retirement community. We carefully packed and supervised the move, helped with furniture placement, unpacked, and got her settled into her new home in no time at all. She’s made lots of new friends and is in a much healthier and safer environment now.

“Many thanks for the beautiful job your team did in setting up my mom’s apartment. You would have been very gratified to see the expression on her face when she saw her bedroom and living room and then uttered one of the few remaining words left in her eroding vocabulary: “Fabulous! It is Fabulous!” Interestingly, when she went to bed she asked me to open the closet door so she could just look at the order of everything. I think it gave her a sense of added security to see everything in its proper place. Thank you again for your support in this critical transition for my mother.” ~ Cliff Johnson, Atlanta, GA

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