What is the difference between a mover and a Senior Move Manager?

There are many differences between a mover and a Senior Move Manager, but the main one is that a mover is just about the boxes and getting things moved from Point A to Point B. A Senior Move Manager is about the whole transition – the emotions, memories, and family dynamics. As Senior Move Managers, we help our clients take the right amount of furniture and possessions so the space is attractive and not cluttered or dangerous.  We’re mindful about not randomly disposing of items without first asking the family if they want them. We watch out for things like the glass coffee table with sharp corners that may not be easily seen due to poor eyesight. We watch for expired medicines and jars of salad dressing that are ten years old that need to be tossed. We handle all the other stuff the client is not taking to their new home. A Senior Move Manager has the TOTAL picture of the client and their family, and is a single point of contact throughout the project. Most of all, a Senior Move Manager is about caring, compassion, organization, efficiency, and responsiveness to the client’s needs. Can a mover do all that? I don’t think so!!