Home Organizing for a Happier, More Peaceful Life

Is this You?

You’re frustrated because you can’t find the things you need. You find yourself buying duplicates of things you already own because they’re “here somewhere.” Your closets and drawers are bursting at the seams with stuff.

You have certain areas in your home — “hot spots” — that are bothering you. Maybe it’s a guest room that’s turned into a junk room or a packed garage you haven’t been able to park your car in for a long time.

You want a home that goes beyond being clean and organized. You’re ready to take the next step and desire a home that is tastefully decorated with the little touches that reflect your personality and style.


Real Order provides Home Organizing Sessions that offer simplified living solutions. We can assist with the following areas of your home and more:

•  Kitchen •  Attic
•  Closets •  Garage
•  Master Bedroom •  Mail Processing
•  Kids’ Rooms •  Kids’ Papers
•  Bathrooms •  Crafts/Hobbies
•  Family/Living Room •  Photographs
•  Basement •  Space Planning
•  Home Inventory •  Life Documents

Working as a team, you will receive:

•  Hands-on assistance to accomplish your goals
•  Decluttering of possessions and a “home” for belongings
•  Recommendations on organizing products and systems
•  Teaching of organizing principles and skills
•  Guidance and motivation throughout the organizing process

The number of organizing sessions depends on your needs and goals, how quickly decisions can be made, and what you’re able to accomplish between sessions.

Real Order also offers Back on Track Sessions if you’ve started an organizing project but just never finished it. We understand that sometimes life “happens” and your best-laid plans get derailed. Working together as a team ensures that your project gets completed in a timely manner.

In addition, Real Order offers Maintenance and Ongoing Support. This service will keep organizing systems fine-tuned and running smoothly after the completion of a project. Periodic tune-ups may be a good investment to ensure you stay on track with your organizing goals.

Here are a couple other ways we can support you in your quest for an organized home.

Organized Home Office
Closet Design

Client Success Story

Helen was one of six children who grew up in a very chaotic, disorganized home. She was a stay-at-home mother of two young daughters and really struggled with managing her household. Her husband, an executive at a technology firm, was naturally organized. Helen wanted to create a home for her family that was much different than the one she had experienced growing up. We worked in many areas of Helen’s home over a period of months including the kitchen, master closet, master bath, children’s bedrooms and closets, home office, craft room, and basement storage area. We worked methodically in each space to declutter, organize, and label shelves and containers. This made it much easier for the rest of the family to know where things belonged so they could be put back after use.

When we were finished with the project, all the spaces we worked in were decluttered and organized. Helen learned organizing principles and skills from our time working together and is much happier with her home.  While life will never be perfect, she now feels she’s a better role model for her children and can teach them organizing skills while they’re still young.

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