Home Office Organizing to Improve Your Productivity

Is this You?

You’re wasting valuable time, energy and money searching for misplaced papers. Your system of dealing with papers is to put them in stacks, and it’s just not working for you anymore. The stacks have turned into mountains.

You’re a small business owner working out of a home office, trying to wear all the hats. You don’t have the time or expertise to organize your office so it functions efficiently, and now you feel buried by the workload.

You’re an entrepreneur who would rather be doing anything other than getting organized. But you know that you’re paying too high a price in lost opportunities because you’re too disorganized to be responsive to your customer’s needs in a timely manner.


Real Order is pleased to offer assistance tailored to your specific organizing needs. Here are the some of the areas we can help during a Home Office Organizing project.

•  Clutter Management •  Time Management
•  Space Planning •  File Systems
•  Storage Areas •  Managing To Do’s
•  Inventory and Supplies •  E-Mail Management
•  Paper Management •  Journals/Newspapers

Working as a team, you will receive:

  • “Homes” for papers, supplies, and other essentials
  • Systems established for the smooth flow of paperwork
  • Recommendations on furniture placement and products to maximize space
  • Teaching of organizing principles and skills
  • Guidance and motivation throughout the organizing process

The number of organizing sessions depends on your needs and goals, how quickly decisions can be made, and what you’re able to accomplish between sessions.

Estate Organizing

Estate planning is essential, but especially for people in the later years of life. We help by setting up an organized system that includes all the information your family would need in the event of your illness or death. Organizing your estate is like a “love letter” you give to your family. It will give you (and them) peace of mind knowing that everything is organized and easily accessible. We can even refer you to qualified professionals to fill in the missing pieces of your estate plan.

Organizing your estate ensures that you have the following documents in place:

  • Will (or Living Trust)
  • Medical Power of Attorney
  • General Power of Attorney
  • Health, Disability and Long Term Care Policies
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Proper Beneficiary Designations
  • Personal Property Disposal List
  • Attorney & Financial Advisor Contact Information
  • Important Online Passwords (bank accounts, etc.)
  • Code to safe
  • List of Assets & Liabilities
  • Property Deeds and/or Titles
  • Titles to automobiles
  • Burial wishes

Client Success Story

George is like a lot of clients we work with – bright, energetic, but easily distracted.  All the surfaces in his office were covered with papers as reminders of actions to be taken. George didn’t have an effective system for keeping track of his appointments and tasks. His business files and personal files were mixed together in the same file drawer, which added to the confusion.
George’s office was on the main floor of the home and often became the dumping ground for “homeless” things. In addition, there was not adequate room in the file cabinet for his personal and business files.

We worked together to clear the floor and removed anything that didn’t fit into the purpose of the space. We attacked George’s desktop and separated all his papers into categories – action, filing, shred and trash. A desktop action system was set up and a planning calendar was purchased. Personal papers were separated from business papers and a color-coded filing system was established. Another filing cabinet was purchased to house his business files.

George’s office now looks and functions as an effective space where he can focus on his work. His wife can now help with filing and other tasks since there’s a system in place that she understands.

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