Moving & Relocation Services to Ease the Stress

Is this You?

You want to get the best possible price for your home. You need help decluttering and preparing your house to be put on the market. You want to make a great impression so your home will sell for the best possible price.

Your last move was a nightmare that you don’t want to repeat. Just thinking about it makes you break out in a sweat. You need someone who knows what they’re doing to help make it manageable.

You’re a busy mom or professional and need your home set up quickly after a move. Your schedule is too full to spend the weeks or months it would take to unpack and set up your new home by yourself.


Having an organized move doesn’t just happen by accident. It takes a lot of careful planning before the big day arrives. Here are some of the ways we can partner with you during one of life’s most stressful events – moving. We can help as much or as little as you need to ensure everything gets done in a timely, organized manner. Our menu of services is a la carte so you chose what works best for you. The cost depends on the scope of your move project and you will be provided with a written estimate.

Move Preparation/Planning

  • Act as Project Manager during the entire move process
  • Create a comprehensive move plan
  • Declutter possessions prior to listing home and moving
  • Help determine what gets moved to your new home
  • Sort what will be sold, donated, given to others, and trashed
  • Arrange estate sale, donation and removal of unwanted items
  • Photograph and take measurements of furniture for new home
  • Customize floor plan/furniture layout for new home
  • Arrange for a professional moving company
  • Professional packing of items being moved
  • Arrange for storage unit, if needed
  • Arrange for shipment of items going to others
  • Handle document shredding and hazardous waste disposal
  • Transfer utilities and address change notifications

 Moving Day

  • Last minute packing – bedding, toiletries, coffee pot, remaining dishes
  • Disconnect TVs, computers, appliances, etc.
  • Pack and transport refrigerated items in ice chests
  • Direct and oversee moving company
  • Ensure furniture and boxes are placed according to plan
  • Arrange for elevator, if needed
  • Connect TV, phone, computer, lamps, etc. (new home)
  • Assemble and make beds (new home)

After the Movers Leave

  • Install shelf liner in kitchen and baths
  • Unpack and organize new home
  • Hang artwork and window treatments
  • Remove boxes and packing materials

Post Move Services

  • Final trash and charity pickup
  • Broom sweep garage and house
  • Arrange for professional cleaning service
  • Turn over keys to realtor or property manager

Additional Services

  • Provide inventory and organize contents of storage unit (or empty unit)
  • Access to our referral network of realtors, appraisers, contractors, etc.

Senior Move Management
Online Estate Sale



Client Success Story

Amy and her family had gotten in over their heads financially and had to move out of their dream home into a smaller rental home. They were overwhelmed and emotional at the prospect of moving.

We met with them, calmed their fears, and developed a moving timetable with tasks and target dates. They needed to downsize their possessions to fit into a smaller home so we helped them figure out what would fit and what could be sold to help with cash flow. We carefully packed their belongings, labeled the boxes and prepared for moving day.

While the movers were still there, we began unpacking immediately. We focused on the most critical areas first – the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. When Amy arrived home later that day, she was delighted to find her kitchen completely organized, down to the decorative touches that made it feel like “home.” The smile and relief on her face was priceless as she realized that everything was going to be fine.


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