When Organizing Gives Back…

Terri Wylie in her newly designed and organized space. Courtesy of Forsyth News.
Terri Wylie in her newly designed and organized space. Courtesy of Forsyth News.

This past holiday season, our Atlanta Professional Organizer at Real Order had an opportunity to provide a very special gift to a deserving member of our community… the gift of organization, given to Terri Wylie, recent widow and mother of three who battles multiple sclerosis.

Our Professional Organizer worked with Allison Havill Todd Interiors, through the company’s Designing Dreams Charitable program, which provides a complete room makeover for one family each year, worth approximately $20,000. Everyone deserves a well-organized space, and we’re grateful the designers at Allison Havill Todd recognized this and invited us to participate in such a worthy project.

Terri Wylie - Before-After bathroom

The importance of organization becomes especially relevant when organizing for individuals who deal with health issues like Ms. Wylie, who must cope with multiple sclerosis on a daily basis. Organizing medications is an obvious first step in projects such as this. But organizing other frequently needed items and having them easily accessible are also priorities. Simple tasks like reaching for a pair of shoes or a hair brush can be real challenge for those who have physical disabilities.

Ms. Wylie confessed that the greatest benefit she received from our organizing services was peace of mind – now that her space is decluttered and organized in a way that works for her. We’re thankful to the team at Allison Havill Todd Interiors for bringing us on board and giving us the opportunity to give something tangible – an organized bedroom and bathroom – to a very deserving member of our community. We wish Ms. Wylie the very best in the years to come – and hope she enjoys her newly designed and organized space!