Apps to Help Students get Organized

Apple IPad StockThe calendar may say August, but it’s back-to-school time for many students. And with so many students, parents and schools embracing technology through smart phones and tablets, there is great opportunity for students to utilize mobile apps to stay organized and make their research, studying and collaboration efforts more efficient.

Here are a few top-rated apps to help students organize their assignments and make other school-related tasks easier.


iStudiez Pro ($2.99) for iPhone, iPad and iPod is an award-winning app designed to help students organize their schedule, plan assignments, track grades and set alarms for deadlines and project due dates.  A free version, iStudiez Lite, is available if you want to give the app a test run.

Class Buddy ($1.99) is an Android student calendar and organizer that allows students to manage homework assignments, projects, tests and meetings, as well as track grades and GPA.  Import events from CSV or Google Docs files; export to email/text or Google Docs, and sync with Google Calendar.

MyHomework (free) is a viable replacement to a paper student planner, school diary, or academic agenda. The app’s clean interface and design work for middle school, high school or college students and accommodates high school block schedules. This free app allows student to track homework, tests and other assignments and offers an easy-to-read calendar display.


Evernote is a powerful note-taking app for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. Not only can you clip web pages, share and sync all your notes, you can also keep your research notes about a topic across various sources in one location. 

If you have an iPad, Evernote Peek helps you prepare for upcoming quizzes by quickly turning your notes into a study tool, using your iPad’s Smart Cover to quiz yourself.

Dropbox Mobile saves you to the hassle of transferring files from device to device and helps you keep your documents, photos and videos in one easily accessible place. Share documents and photos with project team members and use pictures taken on your phone in reports or slideshows without having to email them to yourself first. First-time Dropbox users get 2GB of storage free, but you can add 500MB more for every friend you recommend.

Scribd is the world’s largest document-sharing library with millions of books and documents in its database, including notes, texts and study guides shared by users around the world with contributors ranging from Random House, New York Times, World Bank and President Obama. for Apple or Android can help you understand the meaning or find the correct spelling of all of the new words you’ll come across this school year.  Just type in a word or use the voice-activated search to get results quickly.

StudyBlue is an ingenious mobile flashcard app that allows you to use text, pictures and audio to create your flashcards and test yourself. The app will also track your progress and help you focus on tougher materials.