Always apologize for the mess when someone gets in your car? This one’s for you: Auto Organizing On The Go From Your Atlanta Professional Organizer

Organization On The Go, Part 4:

Auto Organizing on the Go From Your Atlanta Professional Organizer












Just like your home, having an organized, clean car makes life easier and more enjoyable! Here are some quick tips from your Atlanta Professional Organizer so you can be organized when traveling to and fro in your automobile.

Be sure to have a trash receptacle in your car, especially if you have kids, to keep your auto neat and tidy. Get in the habit of tossing your trash every time you leave your car and teach your kids to do the same. If you have a garage, put a trash can by the door where you enter the house so it’s super convenient to toss trash before you enter the house. As I’ve often said to my clients, make friends with your trash can!

The glove box is a good place to store items such as:

1. Vehicle owner’s manual, vehicle registration and insurance information

2. Cell phone charger

3. Flashlight – for emergencies or in case the car battery dies

4. Napkins – for quick clean-ups

5. A multi-tool that incorporates several handy tools in a compact case – you never know when a pair of scissors or screwdriver will be needed

If you have a center console, here are some ideas:

1. Small pad and pen – for making quick notes

2. Kleenex

3. Hand sanitizer and lotion

4. Coupon organizer – so you have them when you need them!

Here are a few ideas for behind the front seats:

1. Small umbrella (stored in pouch behind passenger seat) – for quick pop-up rain showers

2. First aid kit – for life’s little bumps and bruises

3. Kids’ over-the seat car organizer – keeps books and games organized and accessible

The trunk of the car is perfect for storing items such as:

1. Jumper cables with storage bag

2. Reusable shopping bags

3. Folding trunk organizer – for groceries and other items (so they don’t roll around in the car) – folds flat and stores under seat when not in use

Your Atlanta Professional Organizer hopes you have a safe and enjoyable summer while you’re on the go. Offer to drive and enjoy the ride, your passengers and your car!