How Not to Forget Your Underwear When Traveling

Organization On The Go, Part 1: Vacation Packing Checklists From Your Atlanta Professional Organizer

Don't Forget To Pack The Obvious
Don’t Forget To Pack The Obvious









 As your Atlanta Professional Organizer will attest, being organized can make even your vacation more carefree and fun! The key to success is organization, believe it or not. Summertime is a favorite time to go on vacation – taking a break from life as usual, going someplace to relax and just breathe, without the demands of work and schedules. For working folks, preparing to leave the job for a week (or more, if you’re lucky) can be an added stress. Just getting out the door and on your way can be a real feat … especially if you have a house, spouse, kids and pets to think about!

 I’ll never forget, many years ago, when I arrived at my destination and discovered I’d forgotten to pack my make-up. Another time my husband forgot to pack his underwear, of all things. And we’re organized people! I vowed that would never happen again so decided I needed a fail-proof system. That’s when I discovered the beauty of a PACKING CHECKLIST – a spreadsheet I created on the computer so it could be easily updated. I pull out my list every single time I go on a trip, even for a night or two, and it has been a life saver! Life is stressful enough without the hassle of getting to your destination and realizing you have to waste your time and money purchasing things you forgot to bring. 

My list has these categories and lists every single item I could think of:

  • Clothing – outer wear, underwear, and everything in between, including shoes
  • Health & Beauty – all the bathroom related stuff, including medications
  • Accessories – jewelry, belts, gloves, etc.
  • Equipment – beach umbrella & chairs, sporting gear (biking, fishing, snorkeling)
  • Electronics – phone, camera, laptop, tablet, and chargers
  • Miscellaneous – travel pillow and blanket, laundry bag, printed reservations, cash, reading material, etc.

Be sure to check out the Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist for tips and tricks to ensure your vacation planning is as organized and stress-free as possible!

If your family enjoys camping, you can create a Camping Checklist with all the special equipment you’ll need for your outdoor adventure.  If international travel is more your thing, you’ll need an International Vacation Checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything important.

 Take it from this Professional Organizer, life is so much more enjoyable when you can relax and not have the added stress of trying to remember everything in your head. Try using a Packing Checklist just once and you’ll be hooked – I promise! You’ll never forget your underwear, makeup or anything else again, regardless of how obvious.