Lost Your Super Powers, Super Mom? Time Saving Tips from Your Atlanta Professional Organizer

Organization On The Go, Part 3:

Time Saving Tips for Busy Families on the Go From Your Atlanta Professional Organizer


With so many busy mothers in the workforce today, it’s more important than ever to have strategies to stay organized and on top of things.  Between work, teacher conferences, doctor appointments, and family time, is it any wonder that working parents often feel stressed and stretched to their limit? Here are some tips from your Atlanta Professional Organizer to help manage your time (and sanity) so you can relax and enjoy life more!

Cozi is my #1 favorite tool to help families simplify and manage their busy lives. Cozi is a shared online account for the whole family and includes a master calendar with all work and school schedules, appointments and events. Cozi allows you to create grocery lists, save dinner ideas in a recipe box, and plan meals for the week. You can create individual or shared To Do Lists for anyone in the family, add a due date so it appears on the family calendar, and even print your kids’ chore list so things get done! There’s a place to journal and share family milestones, kind of like a family blog since everyone in the family can add to it.  The best part is that Cozi is mobile so works with all your electronic devices, wherever you are.

A handy electronic To Do List is Remember the Milk, so you don’t forget to pick up the milk (or anything else) while you’re out and about. This popular app is available from the web, your phone, tablet, so it’s with you wherever you are. It’s so nice to be able to download your brain and have a reminder system so you don’t have to keep everything you need to do in your head!

Planning meals ahead for the week is a real time and money saver. Taking some time on the weekend to prep and plan ahead for the hectic weeknight dinner rush can be a life saver. Consider simple one-pot meals that will feed the family for two meals rather than just one.  There are many menu planning websites out there, but my personal favorite is Plan to Eat. It’s a simple menu planner that allows you to save the personal menu that’s already in your head and scattered across recipe books and the web, in one central place. Imagine being able to select your favorite recipes in one place, print out the automatically created shopping list, and never forget an ingredient again.

 We hope these few time-saving tips from your Atlanta Professional Organizer will help your busy family stay organized and sane when you’re on the go. You are a Super Hero after all!