Senior Move Assistance Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Senior communities that go the extra mile to help older adults transition to their new home with comfort, ease and simplicity find REAL ORDER to be a valuable asset.

We have deep expertise in dealing with the complex issues that can rise when seniors relocate. We listen and encourage prospects to go from the “thinking stage” to action by helping them overcome obstacles. They may be afraid of change, worried their house won’t sell, or concerned about their possessions when they downsize. Many prospects are simply overwhelmed at the thought of moving and have no idea where to even begin.

We professionally manage all the details, freeing you to focus on pursuing future residents to ensure your continued success. Offering REAL ORDER’s Move Management service communicates that you really care about your residents’ well-being and improves their satisfaction. By partnering with Real Order, the community receives residents who are less stressed and able to enjoy their new home more quickly.

Our goal is to generate great word of mouth referrals to YOUR community by providing outstanding service!

What’s in it for You?

  • Our “White Glove” move management and organizing service gives you a competitive marketing edge and becomes a sales feature
  • You reach capacity faster and achieve sales goals
  • You offer practical solutions to help residents overcome hurdles to moving
  • Decisions are made more quickly and you don’t get bogged down with time-consuming coordination issues
  • Real Order becomes an extension of your team – we’re aligned with your values and business goals

What’s in it for Your Residents?

  • They have a much-needed resource with practical solutions to get moved and settled
  • We listen and empower them to make good decisions by offering guidance and objective opinions
  • They’re less stressed, which can have a big impact on their physical and emotional health
  • It reinforces they made a good decision to move to your community
  • They’re engaged in the community more quickly and are happier residents

Visit our Senior Move Management page to learn more. 

As the Move-In Coordinator at a large upscale retirement community, working with Real Order has been a true blessing. Jimmy and Terri truly understand the importance of handling each need with care. Their level of communication has been one of the most valuable attributes. It’s helped me with scheduling and knowing if the resident needed more from me or if they were happy. Working with Real Order took a lot of the anxiety off the new resident because they were reassured we were there to help them walk thru their life transition with ease. ~ Melissa Simpson, Move-In Coordinator, Lanier Village Estates

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